Attachable Swing-Away Table by Ivan Paul Abanilla

Ivan Paul Abanilla Designs The Ergo-Table For Bed Attachable Swing-Away Table

Ivan Paul Abanilla, the project leader of the award winning work Ivan Paul Abanilla's Ergo-table for bed Attachable Swing-away table illustrates, The table is able to rotate in a certain angle to fit under the bed/compartment for maximize space and open in a usable manner. Able to have few swivel feature which is on 2 planes to have easy swing for the user. It can help solve potential problem on placing the laptop or similar devices directly on to the bed which traps air flow. In ergonomic aspect, the Swing table lets the user have a proper mounting surface to avoid pressing on user's lap. While the body is on preferred posture, the table swings towards him/her easily maintaining comfort. The use of table is disabled friendly too..

Attachable Swing-Away Table by Ivan Paul Abanilla Images:


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